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  • Your organization faces unique challenges, including the need to manage your finances in a responsible, transparent, and efficient manner.

  • You job is to work on your mission and build a stronger, more sustainable organization that will continue to deliver valuable services to your community. We want to help!

  • Your systems and processes feel outdated but you're not sure how to improve and automate without losing critical internal financial controls. 

  • Your organization has very specific accounting needs and goals. We want to develop customized solutions that are tailored to your unique circumstances.

  • All of your government grants were meticulously budgeted to the last penny. However, by day two of the fiscal year, all of your initial assumptions have been swiftly overtaken by the force of reality. What now? This is our favorite type of project! We can help you respond to the always shifting landscape of your responsibilities with reforecasts, budget amendments and analytical tools.

​​To help our nonprofit clients navigate these challenges, we offer a range of services, including management consulting, CFO, bookkeeping, tax preparation, compliance assessments, grant management, training, and audit preparation.


  • Deep Industry Knowledge

    • Over 20 years experience working exclusively with nonprofit finance and accounting.

    • We have worked in various capacities, including CFO, auditing, tax preparation, consulting, and bookkeeping.

    • We've helped organizations design their accounting systems, assisted in researching and implementing new processes, and set up best practices in financial oversight and review.

    • We prepare 990's for a wide variety of organization types and worked to resolve issues with the IRS.

    • In a season of chaos? We don't mind!​

      • We've helped organization through periods of staff turnover, negative audit experiences and rapid change.​

There are so many organizations doing amazing work! We enjoy being able to help organizations fill critical needs in our community and beyond!

"I have been President/CEO of six nonprofit organizations and a Board Member on several NP Boards, and I honestly think Tricia is a ROCKSTAR! Tricia has acted as our consulting CPA, assisted Auburn Valley Humane Society in monthly oversight and annual audit prep for the past three years. I would not have been able to audit our organization without her assistance."

- Phil Morgan, CEO





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