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Let our team take charge of your books.


Knowing that your accounting records are in the hands of a qualified, passionate accountant will give you the peace of mind to focus on your mission!

Many outsourced accounting firms focus only on appropriately recording transactions, leaving you still with gaps in grant reporting, financial analysis, and all of the other things that an in-house accounting team usually provides. Having a part-time, outsourced accounting team will always be less comprehensive than full-time in-house staff. But I understand that accounting goes well beyond recording transactions and we'll make sure that the other aspects of your accounting and reporting needs are addressed!


Deep Industry Knowledge

For 20 years I've worked with nonprofit organizations in a wide range of roles - auditor, tax preparer, consultant, bookkeeper and finance director. In these different roles, I've helped organizations design their chart of accounts and other tracking functions, assisted in researching and implementing new processes, and set up best practices in financial oversight and review. I've prepared 990's for a wide variety of organization types and worked to resolve issues with the IRS. I've also helped organizations through periods of staff turnover and through the recovery of a negative audit experience.


Passion for Organizational Success

I have a passion for working with small to mid-sized organizations and have extensive experience creating systems that work with limited administrative staff and  financial resources. 

There are so many organizations doing amazing work! I enjoy being able to help organizations fill critical needs in our community and beyond!

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